Australia // 2016

This is the tale of two crazies who thought it would be a good idea to quit their jobs and go to Australia for an indefinite amount of time.

Meet KyLynn and Melody.

Turns out it was pretty much the greatest idea ever.

Their new temporary home was the Sunny Coast. They quickly made friends and got bikes and went on adventures every day. Then they acquired two surfboards and a place to store them right across the street from their favorite surf break. What more do you need? 

Side note: You haven't seen determination till you've seen your friend ride a bike one-handed with a surfboard in the other for over a mile, partially uphill. 

For places out of biking distance they took the bus which was also pretty awesome.

Road trip to Byron Bay

If your friends ask if you want to wake up at 4 in the morning to go on a road trip, you should definitely say yes.

After they went swimming, they found out it was a place that pretty much always had a bunch of sharks. Probably better that they found out after.

While on the Sunny Coast, their lives consisted of cooking food for the YWAM Bible School and using their free time to do whatever they felt like doing.

Mel & Ky's Sunset Surf School

Operation Teach Roommates How to Surf

These girls were some of the coolest people from all different parts of the world.

They had lots of PB&Js and bean and cheese quesadilla picnics.

Sometimes it was flat, but they went surfing anyway.


(aka one of the most magical places in Australia)

Mel found someone who looks just like her! How crazy! Just kidding that's her sister.

They also ate lots of granola bars.

They made friends with some sea turtles here and then had to say goodbye.

Bye sea turtles!!

They celebrated Captain Goose's birthday on a sailboat accompanied by dolphins

At one point a huge storm came and brought like 30 ft swells to the coast. But they took their new friend surfing right before the waves got too crazy.

The real mvp with mad skills and bravery: Melody Eastman.

They had to go check out the waves once the storm did come! Pro tip: Wearing a hat like this while riding your bike in the rain helps keep the rain out of your eyes. Special thanks to one of the roommates for helping with that one.

The calm after the storm. Dang. Can you believe that sunset? They watched the sunset in their hammock many times, but this was one of the coolest.

Eastman's take over Sunny Coast

Mel's parents came for a visit and to be there for Mel's sister Michelle's graduation from the School of Biblical Studies.

Surprise! Brea came too! (Mel's older sister)

And this is the kitchen they cooked lunch for students in a few times a week.

One last surf with the beloved longboard before selling it.

A few more adventures with some friends before leaving the Sunny Coast and heading down to Sydney.

Mel found a cute dog named Cooper.

Who happened to know how to body surf.

One big happy family.

Sunny Coast was UNREAL.

Journey to Sydney

Then they thought, "How are we going to get to Sydney to catch our flight to Hawaii?" Well, they found a car rental for $20 a day and decided the best idea would be to drive there. A two day journey. In the rain. On the other side of the road. On the other side of the car. Into a big city. They took their friend Goose, took turns driving, and made it to the big city. 


Made some cool friends in the hostel and ate some free bread.






Exploring the city is cool, but the beach might just be a little better. Good thing their hostel was right on Bondi Beach.

Ever have that happen to you when you ask a stranger who is facing the other way to take your picture and they turn around and they are crying and then you feel horrible and you aren't sure if you should continue or tell them never mind or if you should cry too? Yeah me either.

Simple mornings with little coffees. After making sure the car was parked in a spot that wouldn't get ticketed. That city life.


These might be a lot of pretty pictures and whatnot. However, this is what they looked like most days. Just a couple of hippies trying to go swimming as much as possible.