Mermade Market // Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

"We could spend our life being afraid of the hypothetical or we can just be brave and live life anyway." -Dolly Mahtani

For the past year and a half I've worked full time as a graphic designer and spent my free nights making wood signs and designing for fun. This week was HUGE for a few reasons.

1. I left my full time job.

2. Participated in an awesome market in Dana Point, CA called Mermade Market with one of my best friends Mel.

3. One week from now I'm leaving to volunteer in Australia for a couple months!! Cheers to new adventures, freelance life, and the land down under!

Making art and sharing it with others can be scary, let alone trying to sell it! However, I'm learning to not let how well my products sell define me or define my success. Maybe success isn't always selling every single item and making a ton of profit. Maybe success is trying something new with the support of my family and friends. Maybe success is working really hard on building a booth and finishing it in time for the show. Maybe success is learning to solve problems as you go. Maybe it's not having a nervous breakdown while working full time and staying up late every night to make art for the show. Maybe it's receiving tons of positive feedback on how everything turned out. I'm still learning... I'm defined by how much God loves me, and that will forever bring me joy.

I am so grateful for my friends and family who did everything they could to help me. Some friends let me come to their studio and use their laser engraving machine. My dad stayed up late to build the booth. My mom labeled all the signs with the prices. Mel thought of the idea to do this together in the first place, and our parents guided us and encouraged us in our first business endeavor.  THANK YOU friends who came to the show and Mermade Market for giving us the opportunity!!

"Numbers don't define how insanely cool you are." -Hailey Devine



photo by @mermademarket

photo by @mermademarket

photo by @mermademarket

photo by @mermademarket

photo by @mermademarket

photo by @mermademarket

P.S. I'll give you a free sticker and enamel pin if you can find me in this group photo :)

Peace out, KyLynn